I need to get a continuous series of values, 2 bytes each, from one teensy to another, wirelessly. The distance is only around ~20cm or so. The constraint is that i'd like this link to have the lowest possible latency.

I am currently using a pair of nRF24L01 modules, and I get about ~400-500us latency, which is a bit too high for my application.
As far as I understand, a lot of this time is due to ramp-up and hadshaking etc.
Is there a simple solution that can get me closer to a 10us latency? It seems like the ramp-up time on the nRF52832 is shorter for instance, but I haven't found any concrete examples for how quickly a very small data packet can be transmitted.

I'd be interested in more low-tech solutions as well, maybe the fact that this is low distance and we're not limited in terms of battery usage means that a more low-tech radio link could be well suited to this application?