A bit of a naive question...I don't even yet own a Teensy and am only just getting started with this type of hardware.

I understand that the Teensy can be made to emulate the parallel port offering low latency for sending information/triggers (0-255) to EEG hardware. What I don't know is whether this is out-of-the-box after the Serial Port Driver has been installed or whether specific configuration code would need to be written to the Teensy before usage.

If plug-and-play I assume need for only the following parts. Is this correct?

* Teensy with pins + USB (necessary jumper wires)
* DB25 breakout board + cable
* Virtual Serial Port Driver from Teensy site

Obviously, I'll have to wire appropriately. Another bridge to cross.

My current intention is to communicate via the input32.dll (http://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/inpout32/) library. The application will be written in C/C++ for Windows. Here I'm assuming that because the OS sees the connection as a serial port I can use input32 without issue.

Incidentally, is there some convenient strategy to verify that the correct triggers are being sent when I don't regular access to the EEG hardware?

Any comments would be most appreciated.