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Thread: Connecting ground via 24awg wire

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    Connecting ground via 24awg wire

    Hi guys, I'm planning on separating my current pcb into modules; the teensy circuitry would be on its own board, which would connect to a board with buttons and leds via a 4 pin jst connector. Will I have signal reliability issues by connecting the reference ground via the jst connector between the two different boards? Should I ground both boards to the chassis to make the ref. ground more uniform and reliable?

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    Wires and a JST connector is probably better than using only a metal chassis for the ground connection.

    What sort of ground connection you need really depends on a lot of other details you didn't give us. As a general guideline, you need better grounding when higher frequencies or higher currents are in use. Special attention to ground is also needed when you have very sensitive analog signals.

    For ordinary stuff like serial protocols under 1 Mbit speeds, usually a single #24 wire is fine. Still a good idea to route the wire as reasonably close with the signals as is practical.

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