This is not a rant, and I hope that Paul will consider one developer's perspective.

I've bought maybe 75 Teensy3.2's from Oshpark, and use them to control my machines. I like the Teensy because the voltage tolerance, footprint flexibility, and compatibility with the Arduino libraries. However, the one major problem that I keep searching an answer for is the lack of a debugger. No, modifying the board is not an option.

Up to this point, I've used it for my own products, but I'm now getting work from another company that is also using the Teensy, and I am having a very difficult time working through the system without a debugger. Their system uses four Teensies in one machine. They are early enough in the development cycle that switching to a different Platformio supported chip won't be too difficult.

If Paul is like me, he's spending days and nights on his business. It's difficult deciding how to apply limited resources. This post is more informational than anything else. Instead of just disappearing, I thought it would be better to at least make my reasons known.