I am using Craig Lindley's Color Organ project as a design model (from Nuts-N-Volts, Vol. 38, No.3 from March 2017) for an expanded Color Organ (40"x52" wall mounted unit with 600 Neo-leds)

Can I use a second level shifter in the quad level shifter device (74ACHT125) with a single output pin (Pin 3 PWM TX) and run the outputs to two separate strings of 300 LEDs (each) without overdriving pin 3? Will the Teensy tolerate the loading of both level shifter inputs on one output pin? Can one of the engineers in our group discuss the basics of device I/O requirements and/or limits relative to the Teensy processors briefly? I am posting this at Paul's request so a more detailed answer can be developed. He answered me briefly yesterday outside the forum, and I am very grateful for the affirmative on the device in question (74ACHT125). I would like to know more about the internal capabilities and parameters of the Teensy I/O pins. The details of the connections, schematic, and wiring may be found in the Nuts-N-Volts issue listed above. I will post photos and details of my adapted project when it is complete and operational. I have a prototype working with 300 LEDs on the bench. Thank you, to anyone that can add to my knowledge base.