I didn't find the dimensions and positions of the Teensy 3.2 pads (on the back side), so I drew one up in Inkscape: https://www.nominal-animal.net/answe...t.inkscape.svg

It should be correctly sized, so you can measure the locations and sizes of the features in Inkscape or your other favourite SVG editor. As I'm working off of images and measurements off of my own board, it is not perfect, but I'd expect the pads and sizes to be within 0.25mm, or 0.010".

Feel free to use, copy, modify, etc., but if you find errors and/or fix them, please let me know in this thread.

I could also create an optimized version, with each pin and pad as separate paths with title="" attributes identifying them, so each pad designation would be shown in the rollover. But for now, I'm more worried about the correctness of the above SVG.