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Thread: Audio Board Line in transient protection

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    Audio Board Line in transient protection

    First, thanks in advance for any assistance and your patience.
    I'm working on an audio reactive LED project using Teensy 3.5 + Audio Board with a line in source.

    Any suggestions on protecting the Teensy and audio board from voltage spikes/transients that might come from the line in?

    edit: despite looking for days and not finding any mention anywhere using terms I knew, five minutes after posting this question I came across "DC Offset". This is, I suspect, what it is I am hoping to protect my teensy from. Or not. Whatever it's called when line-in is plugged in and it causes smoke - that's what I want to avoid (again). i'm continuing to look into this myself, and would still be grateful for any assistance from the forum members here. I'm learning as fast as I can - right now I feel like I still have so much to learn I'll never get beyond the "knows just enough to be dangerous" stage!
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