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Thread: Playing music on bluetooth earpods amplified differently

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    Playing music on bluetooth earpods amplified differently

    Hi there !

    I'm coming from my orginal post on Reddit where a user told me about your products (original post here).

    My dad has hearing issues and canít hear music well with his hearing aids. I made him swap his hearing aids to bluetooth earbuds and the result is good for one ear but not the other. The sound he gets is not balanced for him.

    So, I decided to work on this and to make a prop for him making 3 things mandatory:

    • playing music to earbuds
    • adapting the volume differently for each ear. For example he needs to boost volume for left one real time by buttons.
    • adding a microphone so he can stop music and hear whatís going on around him without unplugging the earbuds

    Also I would add 2 ę nice to have Ľ functions:

    • adapt sound signal for each ear, like boosting bass for left earbud but not for the right one
    • mixing microphone input with music so he can talk with people while listening his music

    I checked your products and it seems possible to make it with your electronics, as I'm living in France I want to be sure which item to buy from you and if it's possible. What I "think" to be the good pick would be:

    • 1x AudioInputI2Sslave to receive music through smartphone (my dad has an iPhone)
    • 2x AudioAmplifier to amplify each channel (left / right) differently
    • 1x AudioOutputI2S to output the results to bluetooth earbuds (they are Amazon cheap earbuds bluetooth v5 but I'm open to use others)
    • 1x Teensy 3.5

    This would complete the "mandatory" functions I want to make it for my dad. Concerning the "nice to have" functions I'm not sure with which items I can do it.

    So, do you think it will work with my list? And, do you have any idea to make it better or something to use to improve the global result?

    Thank you so much and have a nice day !

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    Sorry to say that, but to solve the main problem (different channel amplification), you don't need a "usine ŗ gaz". Go to the accessibility settings of the iPhone, scroll down to the hearing section and adjust the left/right balance accordingly.

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    Hello ! Thanks for your reply !

    Indeed it solves the issue of hearing left / right balanced but it wonít go well with a microphone as it needs to be balanced as well. Also I want to modify the sound to add more bass on left ear and make his sound quality as best as I can for him.

    I know it will be a big thing but I really want to make this ę*unique*Ľ tool for him and to be as complete as possible.

    The microphone getting sound and mixing with music is mandatory, I made a mistake in my description (sorry for that) so I would need to mix microphone with music from iPhone real time.

    What do you think I should use to make it working?

    Thanks again !

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