I'm new to this, so I do apologize if I get anything wrong.

Basically I began working on the following project:


This has a whole slew of parts and code I am not 100% familiar with, however, I was able to get almost all of what I would consider the baseline pieces together (Pi running Rasbian, Teensy 3.6 with the .ino from the github, the beringer u-control) connected and somewhat running, however, I have hit a snag that worries me.

When I run the piLooper.pd, the teensy connects and I see the activity LED however, I then get the following message:

[comport]: Write failed for -1 bytes, error is 11

Puredata repeats this a couple hundred times before it stops repeating the error. Could this be due to not having everything wired up yet? I haven't connected the mux or any of the controls. I was hoping to maybe get a few things connected to test it out before proceeding to completely wire this together.

There is a screen that I believe has libraries that has yet to be connected, could it be this https://www.pjrc.com/store/display_ili9341.html not being connected that is causing the error?