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Thread: error while using SoftwareSerial on teensy 4.0

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    error while using SoftwareSerial on teensy 4.0

    Hi everyone,

    when I type
    #include <SoftwareSerial.h>
    then I run my code I get this weird error that states:

    error: 'Serial8' was not declared in this scope
       port = &Serial8;
    I haven't even initialized a SoftwareSerial object yet and I am getting this error so I am very confused. when I comment out the #include line out of my code, it works perfectly fine. I didn't know what was wrong so i uninstalled arduino and everything and reinstalled it but I still got the same error. If anyone has had a similar thing happen to them please help me out.


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    Looks like a bug in SoftwareSerial... In particular

    Serial8 existed in the T4 beta 1 board, but not in the Beta 2 board... So looks like we need to update it here... I will try to get in a Pull Request to fix.

    But until then you can edit your softwareSerial.cpp I believe lines 74-76
    	} else if (rxPin == 30 && txPin == 31) {
    		port = &Serial8;
    Simply delete those 3 lines of code...

    Also required a change to .h file as well as we did not update a #if to apply to 1062 chips as well

    Did Pull Request:

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