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Thread: Arduino board definition for Teensy 4.0

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    Arduino board definition for Teensy 4.0

    Congratulations on the release of the 4.0! I'm trying to get a quick demo up, so my standard "Hello World" upload is the Blink sketch. However, I can't see a board definition in Arduino for "Teensy 4-Beta2". I've reinstalled Teensyduino, hoping that might do it, but still no luck. Has anyone gotten pas this yet?

    Arduino 1.8.9
    TeensyDuino 1.46
    Windows 10


    *I know it's customary to include the source code, but in this instance, I think we're all familiar with Blink, so Ill spare us.

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    There are beta releases of Teensyduino:
    That have this board.

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    Brilliant! I missed the 1.47 Beta. Thanks so much!

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    Hmm, then the Teensy 4.0 page needs to be updated. The link for teensyduino does not go to the beta!

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