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Thread: 2 Teensy 3.6 dead with smoke included

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    2 Teensy 3.6 dead with smoke included

    A few months ago, one teensy 3.6 broke and today it happened to me again with another.
    After connecting it via USB, the board did not load the code and the arduino IDE asked me to press the reset button of the teensy, after doing so I still did not charge anything and did not recognize the USB port ,after a few seconds smoke began to come out of the component marked as 2 in the photo so I disconnected it because of the scare
    For trying to find out what could have happened I took the first board that broke and I also plugged it in by USB, of course it does not work or charge anything, the only thing I have noticed is that the component marked as 1 in the photo It's burning like hell.
    I have no idea what is happening but I would like to know.
    Any idea what's going on?
    Anyone else has happened?
    What tests can I do to find out?
    sorry for my English Click image for larger version. 

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    The 1 is a fuse. Direct short appears to be the issue. The other component is hard to tell perhaps a resistor or ferrite

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    Part #2 is this inductor

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you both and sorry for not answering, I was on vacation.
    * Would it work again if I change those 2 components?
    I have another teensy 3.5 that turns on and works but in 2 seconds the MK64fx microprocessor ... it gets to 500 degrees, is the only thing that gets hot on the board, would it work again if I change the microprocessor? or there will be more things involved,

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    First, I would check what kills your Teensys. Is is for example the power supply or do you connect peripherals with unfitting voltage or current ratings?

    From my modest experience, fixing a Teensy 3.x board which has a price between 20 and 30$ makes most time no sense. People who work in the embedded development do normally earn more than the minimum wage, so it is not efficient to spend let's say 1 hour or more and still components without the warranty that everything will work in a reliable manner afterwards. Better trash your little heaters and order new ones.

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    I think the answer is Maybe. Who knows what else may have been damaged at the time.

    I am only speaking for myself, but if it were me, I would have a tendency to replace the Teensy board as I would not want to risk further issues.

    Also I would take a close look at everything connected to that board, as who knows if they were damaged as well or if they caused the damage to the Teensy...

    For example I have killed a few non-Teensy boards like on ODroid and an UP board, where I accidentally plugged in the connector from a 12v supply instead of the 5v supply. Both of them use the same connectors. After hearing a nice laud POP and the burnt smell, I knew those boards were toast (literally)

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    If the CPU truly reaches 500 degrees, that's very impressive... it can get quite hot to the touch if running at full speed constantly with no idling, but this is normal. Your programs should avoid doing that when possible, but I don't think it's harmful except for making it warm and consuming more power.

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