GOOD NEWS - I HAVE MY USB BACK with the TallDog T4 direct pinned breakout I assembled.

I was thinking if I put flux on my desolder braid I could pull off all the solder and lift the Flex cable - erroneous thought!

I went over it twice - all I ended up with was a small bit of solder in the braid and even nicer looking solder to reflow on the top of the cable!

So rather than get medieval - with too much flux and more effort and a solder sucker. I set the DMM range to test 200, then 2K then 20K ohms and the only sign of connectivity was IIRC 12K on the USB pads - which may be normal. I touched Flex solder to adjacent PAD, then again Flex solder to PCB pins direct for Zero Ohms and then adjacent for overscale at 20K!

So it was time to give it a try to see if I pulled out any excess solder that was bridging and so far so good! T4 powered up running old sketch.

My IDE is BUSY doing a Board Mgr update so I used the last compiled logger_RawWrite.hex from TEMP dir and it was set for USB. I now get light on my USB Dongle and a functional test of the SD card file writing to not one but both of the SD cards here. And it kept the RTC time - as I had to upload with TyCommander that doesn't yet know how to set the time.

- still "Mount: Failed with rc=FR_DISK_ERR." on the TD_Breakout to same SD card plugged in. I put that same SD card onto PJRC Beta breakout PCB and the test runs perfectly fine with a button press to upload the same code. Return card to TD_Breakout and push button to upload fresh and _ERR again

Note: I get the same 'Mount: Failed with rc=FR_DISK_ERR.' when I power the T4 with NO SD card present on both TallDog and PJRC breakout - is there a chance messed up the SD socket taking off the cover? The card detect switch or something? Or maybe some of the prior efforts { when the T4 went Dormant } with bridged pads damaged a pin in T4 needed to make this work?

I'll try PinTest'ing tomorrow and see if the 'Pin On' when it should not be happens again showing T4 damage now that I can't detect any bridges/shorts between pins. But USB WORKS! I'll try some Hard drives that run faster - not enough power without adding a powered HUB - even for 2 SSD's tried - and that needs code change.