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Thread: Teensy 4.0 - Ethernet I'm guessing its not avaliable

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    Teensy 4.0 - Ethernet I'm guessing its not avaliable

    Excited by the new Teensy4.0

    It looks from the photo's that the chip that's used is the iMXRT1062 but on the NXP website this chip is not listed

    It looks like this chip supports an Ethernet interface but looking at the pinout of the Teensy4.0 it looks like these pins are not exposed. Is this correct? I'm guessing we are unable to use this functionality of the chip which is a shame. Any thoughts anyone?

    Are circuit diagrams for the Teensy 4.0 available?

    Ideally we would want to have twin Ethernet ports connected to the device



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    NXP has an evaluation 1060/1062 board which includes Ethernet (RJ45). The NXP SDK has Ethernet examples based on lwIP and RTOS.

    It is unlikely T4 will support Ethernet because supporting packet arrival interrupts, network buffer and timer management almost necessitates an RTOS. It seems the Teensy programming model is more tuned to having a SPI-based network coprocessor (WiFi/ESP32 or hardwired/wiznet), where the housekeeping of TCP/UDP/ICMP/IP can be handled by the coprocessor. Paul made a limited number of Ethernet breakouts for the T3.5/T3.6 evaluation. The early evaluation used lwIP with polling, see T3.6 ethernet testing, but there was no further development.

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    Is there anyone contemplating creating a breakout board with WiFi? ESP32 or their newer chip.. whatever.. I have a project that could use the FPU power of the T4 but I have to have WiFi access to it. I think I could design a board to do it (but no guarantee since its been 25 years since engineering school), but my soldering skills are sub-par that I doubt I'd succeed in actually building it considering just how small the T4 is (I was shocked when it arrived.. much more teensy than my T3.5).

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    would BLE an option? there is SW for BLE on 2nd USB port

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    BLE is not ideal (I need to run a webserver) and was hoping to use the ESP32/whatever to do that and then just interface to the T4 through serial, etc.

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