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Thread: Bootloader Chip For Teensy 4.0

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    Bootloader Chip For Teensy 4.0

    Will the bootloader chip for the Teensy 4.0 be available for purchase? So I can integrate a Teensy 4.0 directly onto my pcb. I know you can purchase the Teensy 3 bootloader chips but I didnít see the Teensy 4.0 chip on the website.

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    I'm also interested in this. Does anyone know the answer?


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    Bump .

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    Note, If you go up to the PJRC website and try to add something to a shopping cart you will see a message:
    PJRC will be closed November 16 to 24.

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    At some point the bootloader chip in use that is common to other Teensy models will most likely be released with support for the Teensy 4.0 MCU as well. Paul has not posted anything to the contrary AFAIK

    No idea what the schedule for that may be going forward - but looking back Paul has been fully occupied with PJRC matters like stocking the T4 and other models as well as software for T4 and TeensyDuino update to the IDE 1.8.10 and SerMon support to be generally usable as Serial monitor to the output rate from the T4's 480 Mbps USB.

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    PJRC will sell a boot loader chip for 4.0, but probably not until at least mid-2020, maybe later.

    Teensy 4.0's bootloader as it exists today does not work with a fresh IMXRT1062 chip, so we can't simply sell you chips with the exact code we're shipping now. That code depends on the 1062's fuses being pre-set by the test fixture we use.

    Eventually I will add code to the bootloader to detect a fresh IMXRT1062 chip and automatically set its fuses. But today that code simply does not exist. And *many* other things, like adding the missing USB device types, are a much higher priority, so you can expect this bootloader work to not happen until at least the middle of next year.

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