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Thread: Teensy 4.0, SdFat, SpiDriver

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    Teensy 4.0, SdFat, SpiDriver

    I'm trying to compile for Teensy 4, an application of Teensy 3.6.

    Everything seems to be going well, until this compilation error occurs, it seems to be related to SD cardholder and FAT library.

    I know that Teensy 4.0 does not come with an Sd cardholder, although I suppose it can be added. In the Teensyduino installation, I gave the option to install all the libraries, so I don't understand why it gives compilation error, and why it is looking for the kinetis.h file

    Specifically this is the error:
    C: \ Users \ xxx \ Documents \ Arduino \ libraries \ SdFat \ src \ SpiDriver \ SdSpiTeensy3.cpp: 23: 21: fatal error: kinetis.h: No such file or directory

    Thanks and regards

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    Unfortunately Bill hasn't updated the SdSpiTeensy3.cpp to work with the T4. I did make some modifications to the library to get it to work with the T4, see this post

    Additionally, there is a newer version of the SDFat library that seems to work without the mods I made, see here:

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    ok, thanks mjs513, I will check.

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