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Thread: Teensy 4.0 does not auto reboot after sketch upload

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    Teensy 4.0 does not auto reboot after sketch upload

    I'm using the beta test software 1.47-beta6 with Arduino 1.8.7 on macOS 10.14.6

    When I compiled the Blinky sketch and it uploads to T4 ok, but it does not do auto reboot like the T3.2. I have to unplug and replug the USB in order to use the new sketch.

    Yes, I did press the button on board for the first time. It say "Reboot OK" but it does not reboot.

    Put a T3.2 in and it auto reboot fine.

    Any idea why T4 does not auto reboot after a sketch upload?

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    I think Arduino 1.8.8 helps that issue. 1.8.9 runs fine for me on 10.14.6

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    Just updated the Arduino IDE to 1.8.9 but still the same problem after a sketch upload. It won't auto reboot.

    Anyone else seeing this problem ?

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    I tried here on a Macbook Air with Mojave 10.14.6, running Arduino 1.8.9 and Teensyduino 1.47-beta6. I could not reproduce the problem.

    Here's a quick screen record where I uploaded the Audio library WavFilePlayer examples 3 times. No button press required on Teensy 4.0.

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    Here is a video of me changing Blinky delay to 100.

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