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Thread: My LEDs work fine with Teensy3.2, but has the wrong colors and flicker with Teensy3.6

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    My LEDs work fine with Teensy3.2, but has the wrong colors and flicker with Teensy3.6

    I am trying to run my LED programs on a Teensy 3.6. They have usually been working fine with Teensy 3.2, but on the Teensy 3.6 the colors are wrong, and the LEDs flicker.
    I have an octo adaptor with female headers soldered on to it, and I have both Teensy 3.2 and 3.6 with pre soldered pins. When I mount a 3.2, everything is working as expected, but when I mount a 3.6 I get wrong colors and flickering. I've tried to different 3.6s, and they both have the exact same problem.
    The 3.6 lights up the correct LEDs, it is only the color that is wrong, and the fact that they flicker.
    I thought the 3.6 was compatible with the octo adaptor as long as you're using tall enough headers to clear the RJ45 connectors? And mount it the correct way of course, which I've double and tripple checked (and I expect that I would've broken it completely if I mounted it the wrong way).
    I've measured the voltage output from my PSU, and it's 4.95V which should be fine, right?

    Are there any other things I should do to debug this? Any other tips?
    I made two videos. One with Teensy 3.2 showing the LEDs working correctly, and one with a 3.6 showing the LEDs not working correctly:
    Teensy3.2, leds working correctly:
    Teensy3.6, leds not working correctly:

    My code is here:

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    Can you place the teensy 3.6 in a breadboard and use jumper wires to the octo? It appears the correct color is being sent but there is a timing issue or noise / signal issue that is throwing the color off. I once saw something similar with my setups when I was using an adjacent pin instead of the actual pin I was suppose to use. Also check grounds on the teensy 3.6 to make sure it is tied to the pixel grounds.

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    I can do that tomorrow (time for me to go to bed at the moment).
    Both the Teensy and my LED strips are connected to the same PSU though, so they should have common ground

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    I mounted my Teensy 3.6 in a breadboard now, and I'm getting the same problem. Both with my own code and with the FastLED example demoreel100

    EDIT: I found the problem.
    The problem was that I was using FastLED 3.1.8, the one that comes together with Teensyduino. I downloaded FasLED 3.3, and now everything is working as expected!
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