Is it possible to know which are the real ports of the RT1062 on the pins of Teensy 4.0?

I think the board scheme is not yet available, I would also like to know when we can download.

I need to program memory DMA to peripherals (8 GPIO ports), but for that I need the 8 addresses of the ports to be contiguous, so I need to know the real ports of the RT1062 that we have available in the Teensy 4.0 pinout.

Does anyone know if there is an example source available for Teensy 4.0, where I can see the configuration and use of DMA with SPI, and output DMA to several GPIO ports? I was looking at the examples of the new Teensyduino Beta, and I didn't find any.

I want to port the Teensy 3.6 Smartmatrix library to Teensy 4.0, and I essentially encounter the difficulty of using DMA and timers.