Hi, I had an ILI9341 display and it worked properly, aside from two lines of "dead pixels" that were there from the beginning.

I have just bought 4 new displays on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-2-TFT-L...-/123238881904

They looked very similar and said ILI9341 so I took for granted that they would be the same. But they arrived today and none of them show anything but a white screen. This is the wiring, but I don't think that it is the problem, as the old screen works well there.

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It would be unusual that all four are faulty, too.

Then I realized that the header of the product says "2.2'' TFT LCD Display Module Board 240x320 For ILI9341 51 AVR STM32 ARM PIC N3X8"

Does that mean that maybe the chip is not included in the board? I have not found any info about anyone reporting such an issue.

I have run the graphictest sketch of the ILI9341_t3 library and it prints the following:

Display Power Mode: 0xFF
Pixel Format: 0xFF
Image Format: 0xFF
Self Diagnostic: 0xFF

I have tried to somehow see if somehow I can check if the driver is recogniced, but I have not found the way. I have tried with the TFTLCD library, that has a getId() method, but it doesn't compile.

This is my old display, which works well:

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And here one of the new stack:

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Thanks in advance.