with teensy 4.0 I've been looking around for some docs on the 'medium quality sound' pins. I've got 2 questions -
1) if I was planning to use the first I2S channel with a codec like the SGTL5000 / the breakout board, for 2 channels of 'hi quality' sound, could I also simultaneously use the MQS pins? looking in output_mqs.cpp, it looks like it's configuring something to do with I2S, even for MQS... so I was unsure if there would be some kind of conflict if I wanted to use the audio breakout at the same time as the MQS pins. (for 4 channels of output). I realise I could use two codecs or a 4 channel codec, but I was curious about the reduced part count of mixed quality - 2 hi, 2 medium channels basically.

2) I'm curious what kind of waveform they output? is it kinda a 1 bit sigma-delta DAC thing? the datasheet / nxp site seems quiet on the topic. in particular, is the noise more spread-spectrum than you'd get from naive PWM on a pin?

thanks! excited to receive my T4 ... en route with DHL as I type.