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Thread: 4.0 USB pads? and optional sizes

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    4.0 USB pads? and optional sizes

    Hi, im curious if the 4.0 has any way to tap into the USB port, on the 3.x models you have pads and the 3.6 has pins for the USB host as well, this is great if you want to put it on a custom board with a full size USB port rather than micro usb (ive broken so many). So im wondering if there's a way to tap into it or if there will be a future model that would include that?

    Also will there be a teensy 3.6 compatible model with easier access to pins and an SD card built in?

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    I agree, microusb is easily broken. I prefer 5 pin USB headers, so I can connect my own USB port. Pro audio gear still uses USB B for devices. It's much larger and robust. So I would likely try to remap the USB. Even with micro USB to USB B chassis cables.

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    Still too early to talk about whatever the next Teensy model may be...

    On Teensy 4.0, there are no extra bottom side pads to access the same signals that go to the USB connector. This was done on earlier Teensy 3.x boards with 12 Mbit/sec USB. Because Teensy 4.0 has 480 Mbit/sec USB, that sort of PCB routing is too risky for causing signal quality problems.

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