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Thread: Firmata: Use "Input" on boot.

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    Firmata: Use "Input" on boot.

    I'm using a Teensy 3.5 and a bunch of hook clips to peek on my wired security system in my home. I have to use analog because the voltage used (~1.6v) doesn't exactly register as a digital "high" for many devices.

    I'm going to be using Firmata for it to talk back to my linux server (running home assistant). The problem I have is that when using Firmata, it defaults all the pins to "output" which is more or less unacceptable from the MCU world, as it's a great recipe for interfering with other circuits or burning out your own pins.

    Is there a way that I can force these pins into "INPUT" mode without it stopping by "OUTPUT" mode along the way?

    EDIT: It looks like this is what "All inputs" would do. Except that the all-inputs code fails to handshake.

    Dug deeper into the code and must have missed this line:"pins with analog capability default to analog input, otherwise, pins default to digital output". I'll show myself out.....
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