@bmillier: Thanks. That's what I expected but it doesn't hurt to verify.
@DD4WH: I would not be keeping the convolution portion - though I understand that to be the goal here, my intent is simply to get an array of floats in the frequency domain upon which I will do other work before converting back for output; converting a stereo pair into left, center and right channels. I was under the impression that the partitioning applied to the FFT as well and so was interested in the improved average CPU load more than the improved latency. The closest I will get to convolution will be the application of a raised cosine windowing function. I had worked briefly with the code from the initial post, but as it is in I,Q and not stereo it did not directly suit my needs. I will have a closer look at Brian's audio object and see if that will be better aligned to my purposes. As I am only concerned with the frequency portion and not the phase, a high resolution FFT/iFFT with conversion to Float is really what I'm after. Thank you both!