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Thread: RA8875 from Buydisplay

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    Thank you for your help.I'm getting this error, when I'm trying to compile

    T4_RA8875_pictureEmbed:58: error: 'enable_layers' was not declared in this scope
    if (enable_layers) tft.writeTo(layer);
    T4_RA8875_pictureEmbed:113: error: 'enable_layers' was not declared in this scope
    if (enable_layers)tft.layerEffect((layer == L1) ? LAYER1 : LAYER2);

    Any idea why?
    Thank you

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    I probably need to look at the layers stuff again at some point, but for example it can only work on 800x.. at 8 bits per pixel...
    But did not appear to actually do it...

    So in the test it was trying to use the two layers, update the display and then tell the display to switch to the other layer...

    But I included the zip again.

    Edit: Wonder if I should clean up slightly and add as example?
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    You Are a Genius !!!!!!
    It Works !!!
    Thank you !

    One more think,
    In old library (drawArray)), we had a option to change image location(x, y),
    In this example, to move the image, I'm changing
    uint16_t start_x
    uint16_t start_y
    but what If there is multiple images?
    Please tell me, how I can have different coordinates, for multiple images?
    Thank you

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    @momosh13 - Not sure if Genius, but simply someone who has been around the block a time or two. Again don't know what you mean by old library...

    @mjs513 and ... Again at times I am not sure what to do with these semi-orphaned libraries.
    As you know that a few of us are spending some time making this library work, plus actually getting several of our display drivers have reasonably compatible functionality.

    But I have been thinking about maybe extracting some of the code in this sketch and maybe potentially maybe add it to RA8875 library
    Probably with the same name and functionality as the method: void writeRect(int16_t x, int16_t y, int16_t w, int16_t h, const uint16_t *pcolors);

    which is in ILI9341_t3/n ST7735_t3/ST7789_t3, ILI9488_t3...

    What the sketch currently does, that I don't believe these member functions do, is if you pass an an image that does not fit in the current orientation, but will in the other orientation, the sketch will rotate the image to fit...

    I need to see what the other methods, do. They may simply clip...

    With this API, it is up to the caller to figure out the proper X, Y to start drawing at. So if you want it centered you need to pass in:
    (tft.width()-image_width)/2 ...

    Does this make sense?

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    @mjs513 - I added writeRect


    Updated sketch that uses it and cycles through rotations as well.

    One difference so for from other versions of this api...
    I currently call it like:
      tft.writeRect(start_x, start_y, image_width, image_height, image);
    But in this case I could also have done it by:
     tft.writeRect(CENTER, CENTER, image_width, image_height, image);
    I may next check to see if 8 bit color mode works and enables using layer...

    EDIT: the new branch was screwed up... was based off of .070...
    So closed PR, opened new one:
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    Compiling error

    Quote Originally Posted by mjs513 View Post
    Recently @KurtE and I have been working on a modification of the RA8875 library to use the ILI9xxx fonts and Adafruit GFX fonts. We have finished our initial implementation of modifications to the RA8875 library and the ILI9341_font library. Here are some screen shots for the ILI style fonts on the RA8875:
    Attachment 18762Attachment 18763Attachment 18764

    The updated RA8875 library is on the T4 branch:
    The fonts are a slightly modified version of the PJRC's ILI9341_fonts library:

    Feel free to give it a try.
    Hello KurtE
    I'm having compile error and here is what I'm doing.
    1. downloaded and installed library from
    2. trying compile example from ..\_Teensy3\ILI_Ada_FontTest\ILI_Ada_FontTest.ino
    3. getting compile error "C:\Users\HPVIDEO\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_modif ied_sketch_334801\ILI_Ada_FontTest.ino:6:41: fatal error: ili9488_t3_font_ComicSansMS.h: No such file or directory"

    That is not right because there is ili9488_t3_font_ComicSansMS.h in fonts folder.

    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Just looked at the current library at and there is no ili9488_t3_font_ComicSansMS.h in the fonts folder. Unfortunately that particular example was not updated to work with the RA8875 display. That's on us, forgot to update it. It was an early development sketch that we used for initial testing.

    However the ILI_Ada_FontTest's will work based on the quick review I just did as a double check. You will need to download the fonts library to use the additional fonts then you would just have to include as in the examples.

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    Thank you,
    Works as expected.

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