I am using Teensy 3.2 and want to speed up with T4.0 upgrade. My project uses 2 SPIs, on T3.2 SPI0(pins 11,12,13) and SPI1 (pins 7,8,14). SPI0 seems to be pin-compatible between T3.2 and 4.0. Would pins 7,8,14 (MOSI,MISO,SCLK) work as alternative for SPI1 on T4.0? If not, what would be the SPI1 pins on T4.0 (27 is SCK1, 26 is MOSI1, MISO1 is not marked). I need to use SPI1, I want to use SPI2 for a future project expansion.

From the software site, do <SPIN.h> and <ILI9341_t3n.h> support T4.0?