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Thread: Camera support and LCD for the T4

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    Camera support and LCD for the T4

    Gents, I am pleased to receive my first Teensy, the 4.0. I believe it it named correctly because it IS teensy. But, in cases like this size does matter, it appears that the pins were not routable or something. Maybe switching to the 12X12 and a bigger board would relieve some of the routing issues.
    I am attempting to develop a camera/ display around the 4.0. Ugh! Looking at the NXP user manual I see the pins associated with CSI (camera), and LCD display. So I went about correlating the Teensy pins to get a feel for how a camera would run; no go. The manual calls out CSI data path and control pins such as CSI_FIELD, CSI_HSYNC, CSI_ MCLK, CSI_PIXCLK, CSI_VSYNC, along with 24 CSI_DATA pins . Of course, I would not use more than 8 data pins for a low end MIPI cam, the typical 24 pin MIPI CSI connector. Of these signals it looks as I can access H_Sync on GPIO-AD_B1_07;or GPIO_AD_BO_15; CSI_V_SYNC on AD_B1_06. The Data pins come out as CSI_DAT_06, CSI_DAT_07, CSI_DAT_08, CSI_DAT_09, CSI_DAT_16, CSI_DAT_17,CSI_DAT_21, and CSI_DAT_22.

    Looking at the pins that are available on the T4, It seems to be hit or miss for running a camera on the T4.

    Is there a secret sauce I can use to come up with a method to run a camera.
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