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Thread: Multiple T3.2 and Platformio

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    Multiple T3.2 and Platformio

    Is there a way to select which Teensy to program in Platformio?

    I am doing remote (450 miles away) development, and two Teensies are connected to the machine. I can ask someone to pull a USB cable, but not at a rate that would be annoying.

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    Search Forum for TyCommander perhaps it can be integrated to the setup. Used here with SublimeText integrated to the Arduino IDE build - but not running the IDE now. After Build it uses TyCommander to upload which prompts for the Teensy to program and shows in UI as SerMon. To change same sketch to different Teensy right click and disassociate from that Teensy and it will prompt again on next upload. If a different sketch it will prompt for that as the first and each will be associated uniquely.

    Running Windows here and using as noted TyCommander and running a Batch File builder crafted by 'Frank B' - which I tweaked with a batch file front end to create the 'board settings' used in the build. Perhaps looking at that - just updated and working on Teensy 4 it is posted on Github :: Defragster/Tset

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    Thank you. I installed this, and the integration looks like it will work.

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