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Thread: T4.0 Memory - trying to make sense of the different regions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank B View Post
    .. Have fun til next update
    I'm having fun, thanks for this, my sketch now has the headroom it needs (although the IDE still reports way more global variable space usage when I chose FLASH memory vs compiling on the Teensy 3.6).

    One issue, though - when I compile/link my sketch to flash memory using your modified linker above, audio stops working. Switch back to ITCM and it works. I'm using the Audio library and various modules (AudioPlaySdWav, AudioPlayQueue, AudioMixer4, AudioAmplifier, AudioOutputI2S2). No errors returned in my code, just no audio output. In one area my sketch makes a call to playSdWav1.isPlaying() and waits for true to synch other actions to the sound, and it just waits there. This is only when I choose flash; ITCM it all works. Under flash, all my other code - driving TFT, accessing hardwired SD card, etc - seems to be fine. Thanks for your help on this!

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    That's too unspecific..

    I connected an audioshield and tested the Guitar - example: works.
    Can you post a !minimal! example which does not work?

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