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Thread: Teensy 3.2 future availability and Teensy 4 compatibility

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    Teensy 3.2 future availability and Teensy 4 compatibility

    We designed Teensy 3.2 into a commercial product sold nationwide by our customer. This product is doing well - over 1000 are in the field and customers like it. It has an anticipated life of 10 years more or less, typical for so-called embedded systems. In the design we considered part lifetime as much as possible, but it's always a production headache even when you make best efforts.

    Just moments ago I learned Teensy 3.2 is 'discontinued' at OSHPark. We have a run of 260 commercial products in process now and need 220 more Teensy 3.2 ASAP to complete it. So far I have no reply from OSHPark if I can get 220 from them, nor did they give any heads up about the discontinuation. In addition to the current work in process we have another run of 260 scheduled later this year.

    So: what is the availability of Teensy 3.2 from PJRC for the next few years?

    I just learned of Teensy 4 (paying work tends to take priority over all else; it can be hard to keep up with all the news on many fronts) but have not had time to look into it. It is stated to be "mostly compatible" with 3.2. I need to learn what the "not compatible" areas are. I'll order a couple and the breakout board today. We will also look at the idea of a castellated breakout for it, something like this: which would let us simplify mounting it to our board, vs the pin and socket board we use now: We use the breakout because we need access to bottom side castellated contacts for RESET, SCL1 and SDA1 (P29, P30), RX2 and TX2 (P26, P31). We use so many of the topside pins that we could not use those top-side alternate mappings for the second I2C and UART. Plus we need access to the hardware RESET line so that our entire system can have a central voltage monitor and hardware reset control.

    Any advice on moving forward?

    Moving from T3.2 to T4: is there a schematic? The pinout card doesn't seem to show RESET made available (critical for us). And it looks like we'd have to change to UART 6 or 7 and I2C 2 since those are what's available on the backside (we could manage that). So T4 no RESET might not be a fit. (T3.5/6 has RESET on the interior through-hole pads).

    A module (3.5/6 or 4) with all the interior pins brought out to exterior-edge castellations for easy production soldering onto a larger board would be ideal for us.

    Revving our system control board and any impacts on firmware and production issues (test fixtures and tooling) make this something we have to consider carefully. Then there is the question of selling the idea to our customer and funding the changes. I'm posting to the forum since there may be others in the same boat who might have similar interests.
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