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Thread: Digital and Analog Characteristics of Teensy 4.0

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    Digital and Analog Characteristics of Teensy 4.0

    I got Teensy 4.0 today. Problem is I need this information if possible:
    • What is Vin to power the board from a battery?
    • What is the max digital I/O voltage?
    • What is the ADC resolution and max input voltage?

    I read on NXP RT1060 datasheet that Vin through USB could be up to 5.5V, Digital I/O could be up to 3.6V, ADC input range is up to 3.6V and it is 12-Bit.

    Your help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Looking at the Teensy 4 product card or PJRC.COM information for actual details as built is proper for those critical voltages:

    The T4 card shows : Vin range 3.6 to 5.5 Volts on the front. And on the back of the card the text indicates '... not 5V tolerant. Do not apply more than 3.3 volts to any pin except VIN or VUSB.'

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