Hi all - Haven't been able to get a generic ST7735 160x80 0.96" SPI Display working with a T3.6 (and now a T3.5 on a breadboard outside of my project).

This is what it looks like (identical physically but I bought on eBay, not this website):

I've tried the examples provided with the Adafruit ST7735 library, the Teensy-specific ST7335_T3 library, and the library provided in the link above (which doesn't compile, lots of library stuff seems to be missing or conflicting for that one). I can get the Teensy and Adafruit versions to compile, and I can see the example sketch running via serial monitor, but I am only getting a black screen (I can tell the backlight is functioning i.e. it's getting power but that's it). I've read through several threads in this forum about it and tried older library version, and completely removed/reinstalled Arduino & Teensyduino, swapped out libraries in the Teensyduino folders, etc... no luck here. I'm using the default pins on the Teensy that are specified in the code.

I'm not really clear on what the final fix ended up being, if someone could clarify I'd really appreciate it. I think I must have missed something, others have gotten this to work but I don't get why as I've tried everything I thought they did.