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Thread: Any ref docs for Teensyduino?

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    Any ref docs for Teensyduino?

    The Teensy's (and esp T4) bring a host of new capabilities to the "performance-starved" Arduino user. :-)
    Just wondering if there is any reference listing of the non-Arduino (ARM?) functions that Teensyduino brings to the table. Processing 3 has a link in the Help tab that takes you to a complete encyclopedia of P3 Functions.

    Anything like that for Teensy?


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    On the PJRC website, in the data sheet section, you may download the reference manuals for all processors from Teensy 2.0 up to 4.0. These reference manuals describe the inner life of the used CPUs, the function of their additional hardware blocks like GPIO, timers, I2C, I2S, SPI, ADC, ENET, USB, and so on, including their specific configuration registers. With these informations and standard C/C++ coding knowledge, you may explore these CPUs almost at 100%.
    The only constraint is that the CPUs have much more pins (64 to 100) than can be brought out on the Teensy boards, thus some of the internal peripherals are not easily or fully accessible.

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    Ok - but that is not what I was looking for. I have those manuals - even the 3300+ page one for the chip on the T4!

    What I'm hoping to find are the non-Ardunio functions that Teensyduino has added. For example: In Arduino, some common functions are: digitalRead(), analogRead(), delay()... etc. Wondering what additional functions (if any) have been added to Teensyduino to support the ARM features not in the Arduino world.

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    The @Theremingenieur answer is the best general answer. PJRC's Teensy world is defined by Arduino, it supports all the functions of Arduino which generally address anything users can do, when extended by device and bus specific libraries.

    Anything beyond devices and bus interfaces is specific code and either gets integrated into the Arduino core or libraries offered.

    The only major exception that comes to mind is PJRC Audio library - which is just a library so it fits in the above - but it does have explicit Help and specific support through :: Teensy Audio Library

    Any other specific or alternate interfaces or Teensy extensions would to some degree be documented there on that on the left panel. 'One off' and other developments are well represented and supported here in the forum with a search or a question.

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    Ok - so the answer is: There are no special functions in Teensyduino - it is just Arduino ported to ARM and if you want anything other than that - you find a library - or make one yourself. :-) Sounds good!

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