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Thread: 1.18inch Round OLED Display

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    1.18inch Round OLED Display

    How many FPS do I get, while using this ( display with Teensy 4.0?

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    Have not seen one reported as in use.

    It can do i2c or SPI. It has 128x128 pixels so could be fast.

    Uses 'Built-in controller SSD1327ZB' - which it not one seen as common/used.

    If it had a good usable SPI library it should do well … certainly dozens ...

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    I gave you a general idea of how to calculate a general idea for another display. Which hopefully you can use to get a general idea for different displays...

    But then it may depend on on how you connect it up and which interface method... And sometimes more importantly the well the display code is written.

    Example if you are using SPI and the code does the standard: SPI.transfer(val) and SPI.transfer16(val), then the speed will not be that good? Why, because these methods wait for the data to be fully transferred through SPI, before they return, as they also read in the result from the MISO pin... Where some more specialized code will work on making sure the SPI FIFO queue (or double buffer) is kept full, so that the SPI hardware can output at full speed...

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