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Thread: 128x128, General 1.5inch RGB OLED

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    128x128, General 1.5inch RGB OLED

    How many FPS (approximately) do I get with this ( display module using Teensy 4.0?

    Can I do simple animations like in this video (

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    In general, the simple answer is, the limiting factor is not necessarily the speed of the processor, but how fast you can get the data out over SPI.

    That is, I believe that for example the Adafruit_SSD1350 maybe tries to set the SPI clock speed to something like 24mhz.

    To update the screen: You need to output 128*128*16 bits of data plus some overhead of the nature of: another 7 bytes (set col, x1, x2, set row, y1, y2, ram write) *8 = 262200

    can at a minimum assume at least maybe one bit delay between data words, and command bytes, so maybe about: 278591 bits...

    So at 24mhz, this would give you about a theatrical limit of maybe 86 FPS... So then the question is how close to this can you get and how do you get the data to display on the screen in the same time frame.

    So again it may be more about how the code is setup, and access to the data, then it is about raw CPU speed.

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    Thank you for your detailed answer.

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