Hi All,

I've successfully built a number of custom Teensy 3.2. Is it in any way feasible to build a DIY 4.0? I'd be nervous about trying to solder the BGA processor. I have a hot air gun but it's not that controllable. I've struggled to solder some small packages like the MPU9250 IMU and an embedded SIM card but have been successful eventually.

I presume I'd need a 4-layer board? I've made do with 2 layers so far and been successful - it's challenging to do the layout and routing, but I've optimised my design over time.

Is there an alternative to the BGA device? One with pins? One that's maybe not so fast but would be compatible with the Teensy bootloader chip?

Otherwise, I think I'd go for a DIY Teensy 3.6. I'm finding the processor speed on the 3.2 is the limiting factor. I'm building a DIY GPS tracker/car computer and using a Kalman filter (described elsewhere on these forums), but the maths performance of the 3.2 isn't fast enough...