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Thread: Building 3.6 USB types without serial - best practice?

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    Building 3.6 USB types without serial - best practice?

    A while ago I forked Paulís core to add a new USB type that emulates a particular legacy joystick. It works well, but for reasons relating to the host USB stack, it cannot use USB serial. Thatís fine - when Iíve needed to debug, I can use the hardware UARTs.

    But when other people try to build they run into trouble as teensyduino continues to grow and develop, because other code outside the core - eg the antplus library - expects Serial.printf etc to be defined. I can give them a patch, but eventually it breaks again when something else changes. Is there a canonical way to tell the entire system that I want it to stay away from serial interface zero, or should I see if I can create my own do-nothing functions for this in the core? Thanks!

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    Wonder if you built a version with Joystick and RawHid if that would work, then debug could still go through Serial.print type code...

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