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Thread: Compiled code with VisualTeensy in VSCode successfully, how do I upload to Teensy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CorBee View Post
    That can be done also using PlatformIO but its always wise to follow a choice you are allready accustomed to. I merely wanted to signal that PlatformIO is often overlooked whilst it can make things (especially when you work with several platforms) easy. And I dont have any link to PlatformIO, I am just a user that is very happy with what the combination PlatformIO/VisualCode brings.
    I just downloaded Platform IO and am going to have a look at that also, thanks for the tip (0:

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    Saw that you trying now. Just in case you are still interested in VisualTeensy here a quick video showing how to compile the NXPMotionSense library in VisualTeensy.


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