Can I play multiple (at most 6) audio files at once, encoded as mp3 or aac on a teensy 3.6 with serialflash and the audioboard?

I'm working on an audio project for an art installation.

The idea: You get a battery powered unit that hangs around your neck. It tracks your location within the installation (two rooms and a bridge that joins them). There are 47 different audio loops that fade in and out depending on where you are (some are talking pieces about artwork on the walls in specific places, some are musical loops that mesh with each other).

I'm using Decawave DWM-1001 development kit units for the tracking, that's fine for getting the x,y coordinates within the installation. It uses UART and sends a packet to the teensy in the form POS,25.0,48.2,3.0,95. POS for position, then x,y,z and finally how accurate the location data is as a percentage. It sends its data at 10hz which is fast enough for our purposes.

I haven't written all the code I need so far but this is how I'm thinking about this:

1)Get position data
2)use strtok to split it into different variables so I have a tagPosX and tagPosY float with x and y coordinates (this works fine)
3)compare x,y coordinates with x,y coordinates of each of the loops and get a linear distance to it
3a) if its coming into range of loop[i] play loop[i]
3b) if its going out of range of loop[i] stop playing
4) adjust volume of all loops from min to max over a certain range (so first it plays at 0, then start fading in at a certain point, then have it at max volume maybe from like 50cm to the loop, then fade out again

We really want to have at most 6 loops playing at once. We bought 6 teensy 3.6 and 6 audioboards. We have 256mbit serialflash cards for the audio (one room on each teensy, basic mixer to mix the audio together, three units all in all - each with 2 teensies) which is enough space for all the loops as long as they're mp3 encoded. I had googled it a bit and saw that 1) the teensy 3.6 should handle playing a bunch of files at once and 2) that it should handle playing mp3s but didn't realise that it might not work together.

If I canít Iím thinking about maybe using one voice per teensy, have them communicate between themselves and use 6 teensies at once, one per track.. it just sounds really overkill and complicated. Do yíall have any ideas?

Thanks so much!