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Thread: FastLED - Sad news

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    FastLED - Sad news

    Those who have worked with this library probably have seen the tremendous work that Daniel Garcia has done with fastLED. As I understand it Daniel Passed away from a boating incident. The are saying that he was one of the victims of the Boat fire off the coast of California.

    My condolences to Daniels family and those who know him. The Burners and LED enthusiasts like myself will greatly miss him. I am glad to know that his legacy will move on and continue to bring colorful light into our projects and world.


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    very sad

    I lost a friend last week, he was only 51 years old

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    Ouch. Our family had a long history with that boat, working on it and my son chartered it some eight times ad the president of Cal Poly scubs club. I was a board member of Underwater Explorers society, and in this regard we lived on Grand Bahama island for three years. It was a terrible week. I am so sorry over this terrible news. So close to home. Richard in San Luis Obispo.

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    Oh noooo thats terrible news. FastLED is an excellent library - I've spent many horus playing happily with its excellent features. Very sad to hear of this loss RIP

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    This is very sad news indeed. Daniel was very dedicated to the FastLED project, and to helping others.

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