Am I correct in thinking that setting the Baud Rate for the Teensy port to the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor (e.g. "Serial.begin(115200);") over the mini USB is rather academic?

I wrote my own Serial Monitor yesterday to run on a Win7 host PC using Delphi/Pascal because I wanted to log data direct to a Hard Drive text file. The Commport component available to me was very old and the highest speed in its own Baud Rate setting was 38400. So I was a bit surprised when it actually worked fine.

It set me wondering. If I'm using virtual comm ports under Win7, then what relevance is the selected speed for Teensy code? The USB interface is sending USB packets back and forth in any case, and that's more likely to be at 480 Mbits/sec rather than any slow baud rate.

Or will the Teensy actually slow down transmission if I set, say, "Serial.begin(9600);" ?