So my company is developing some test units. The goal is 500 units.
Each unit use one Teensy 3.2.
The software/Teensy 3.2 is configured for USB Serial.
So I trying to figure out how to program these 500 Teensy 3.2s.
If I use a windows computer it will try and or install a new serial port each time.
I would not let it get to that number I would go in and delete them.
But all that seems like a real pain in the neck.
I was think of setting up a Raspberry Pi to do the programing.
I have a number of R Pis and have used them for a number of thing but I'm not that knowledgeable about Linux.
So is it like windows and it would do the same thing and try and setup a new serial port each time?
I donít think it would but not sure on that.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Or ideas?