It would be good to have the power, compilation speed, code base, support, community and fantastic design of the teensy ecosystem with the built in wifi capabilities and dynamic pin configuration of the ESP32.

We spent 3 years developing our products on teensys, then we briefly switched to Particle and rapidly adopted ESP32, now, circling back to Teensy for ocasional use, makes one appreciate the quality of the teensy ecosystem, but the networking capabilities of the ESP32 means dont need to run any wires between our 15 sensor boards (apart from power), and wifi functions are right at our fingertips with no huge effort.

We use the teensy on special occasions where we need the grunt or extra pins or the built in SD card reader, but built in wifi just trumps everything.

I think it would be awesome to have a new teensy with builtin wifi. If others can do it so can we!
I know there are lots of hurdles to adopting wifi, but it is becoming more ubiquitous now so in theory should get easier and easier to do.

Just saying!