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Thread: Track input from digital piano with teensy

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    Track input from digital piano with teensy


    Project description
    I want to track my piano practice sessions (start and end time) using a teensy board. I have a Midi to USB cabel which I will use to connect the piano to the teensy board. The teensy board should have a wifi modul to upload the results to my server from time to time.

    Signal flow should look like this:
    Piano: Midi out ====> USB =====> Teensy USB input =====> Wifi ======> My server

    Unfortunately, I am a bit confused which board I should get and if I need additional shields/boards.

    According to this site "Using USB Midi" only the boards Teensy 2.0, Teensy++ 2.0, Teensy LC and Teensy 3.0 to 3.6 are supported.
    Do I understand that correctly?

    Then I need to add Wifi functionalty. I guess using an Adafruit's ESP8266 should work, shouldn't it?
    This seems to be the best option according to this post.

    Here it says that the teensy board can't act as a usb midi host. Do I have to worry about it?

    Would it be simpler for me to just us a raspberry pi?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Only T3.6 hosts USB MIDI without added hardware and with least trouble.

    If serial MIDI is used any T3 will work and still support wifi board but if usb midi is the target then T3.6 is the board to start with.

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    it might be possible to record your session as audio and convert it to midi afterwards !

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