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Thread: Programmable guitar fx looper

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    Programmable guitar fx looper

    Hello Hive mind of the Teensy world.
    The question/questions I have are a culmination of the information acquired and direction I was sent in by one of the Arduino forum user that a Teensy board would be the route to go for what I wanted to build.

    I am trying to walk that newbie line of being able to give the intel required to get the help you are able to give and sort of cover the degree of skill I might not have in explaining myself. These are the main links I was using as inspiration.

    The build idea is to make a rehoused Boss LS2/Arduino now Teensy hybrid switcher: *Keep the simplicity of the 3 dial control, (loop A volume, loop B volume and dial for selecting the pedals set up) the boss LS2 affords me.
    *I want to use 4-5 Boss LS2'S to be able to alter the sound, especially for live work. With 3/4 spare toggle switches for multi combination use of the preset sounds already being used via the LS2s.
    *Combined with the Arduino's/Teensy's ability to make 1 touch switching easier, (for live music work). I found out that I couldn't just drop the Boss LS2'S directly into the Arduion switching chain, (replace the boss pedal switch for the Arduino's toggle switch). This was due it having a bistable circuit. Which meant it had to have extra circuitry or that section had to get bypassed for my grand idea to work.
    So now rather than telling it to be on and off. I have gone the conventional of having the pedal permanently turned on and just selecting if the the audio signal got put in or out of the signal path as is normal when making an Arduino based switcher.
    *Also I will need my clean sound, (original signal entering the switcher from instrument) running through the switcher when no toggle switches are engaged and if the switcher looses power for any reason. I would like the signal path to be what they term as tru bypass. So when trying to complete the song or the set it will able to be done.
    I will be trigger off the toggle switches with my feet as my hands will be busy hitting and plucking strings.
    For the project I would have been using the Arduino at ATMEGA board for a certain level of future proofing incase I wanted to add more loops or have it control multiple other devices. Not being familiar with Teensy I don't know what the best board will be for my needs and if I other boards to make it all work together. I haven't been able to find a build guide or coding guide in the same way I have with the Arduino. Any help, direction or hand holding much appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.

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    I recall there was a Teensy based guitar shield on and looked it up:

    Even if you prefer to build your system, it should at least give you an idea of what's possible.

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    Thank you Michael.

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