Hello members.
I'm in the process of designing a new version of my Data Logger for Temperature, Humidity Atmospheric Presure ETC.
In the past i have designed a similar type of logger, based upon: Custom PCB, Atmega2560 MCU, ENC28j60 Ethernet chip, 20x4 Line OLED display, uSD card, and using a ready made POE module. The datalogger dumps the data on a SQL database, and the uSD acts as a backup for the data.
This system has been working for 5 years, but i would like to have a graphical display for showing daily development of the data, and a better Ethernet IC (W5500 or W6100 for IP v6).

To my questions.
The hardware design is not an issue, but the software will be...

1) I need some advice regarding Lib's for:

W5500/6100 Ethernet IC (SPI mode), do a reliable W6100 library for Teensy 4.0 exist ?
ILI9181 based 3.5" IPS Display (SPI mode), do a reliable library for Teensy 4.0 exist ?

2) Regarding SPI connecion:
Should i connect the Display and Ethernet IC on same SPI bus (maybe isolated by a 74HC125), or use separate SPI busses ?

The Data logger hardware will be based on:
Teensy 4.0 module.
Custom PCB, 4 layer.
3.5" IPS TFT 320x480 ILI9481 Display: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3282...22be4c4dmh9zpF
uSD or SD card in SDIO mode.
Wiznet W5500, or W6100 (ip v6) Ethernet chip.
Wall mounted Enclosure: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3225...ff694c4d5plbrc
3.3V POE Module: https://www.semiconductorstore.com/c...dproduct=97295

I expect the new Datalogger will upload data to our existing SQL database, and uploading to a BLYNK server. Update rate is 1 minute

Thank you in advance, BR Gigabyte