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Thread: usbMIDI tidbit - iConnectivity

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    usbMIDI tidbit - iConnectivity

    I acquired an iConnectivity MIDI (and audio) interface module - the iConnectAudio4+ 2 years ago - to connect my Teensy project to my Yamaha digital piano (with it's "to host" USB connection)
    shown here

    I could connect and play my Akai EWI (an off-the-shelf Electronic Wind Instrument) to the piano in a rather plug-and-play fashion.
    Not so, with my Teensy project.
    I put it away until this week.

    I found the answer:
    - while the Mac (and various Mac apps) can handle the Teensy USB type "Serial + MIDI + whatever", the iConnectivity product gets confused with anything more than Serial type of plain old MIDI.

    Changing that Serial Type setting in Arduino to just "MIDI" cause the Teensy device to plug and play with iConnectAudi4+ and the piano (and also through to the PC)

    I can understand in general that additional USB protocols on the same cable could confuse iConnect, though not in detail, and I don't grok why this is the case when the Mac figures it out.
    I'd love to know the details about why it does not work if anyone has a guess.

    - Dave

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    See below for Paul's educated guess.

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