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Thread: I2C on Teensy4

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    I2C on Teensy4

    Is i2c_t3 the correct library for Teensy4 for I2C, because when I open the examples they do not compile. When I go through the .c and .h for that library I do not see references to T4.

    I have installed the teensyduino and can download and execute code on the T4.

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    i2c_t3 has not been updated by the author for use on the T4 that I know of. You will have to Wire.h, the normal I2C library for use with the T4.

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    Thanks the code compiles when I use the functions in Wire, but now I have another question.

    When running the function Wire,begintransmission(). And I address a non existent I2C device on the bus. would the following Wire.write(data) functions send their bytes, or are these skipped.

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    In answer to my last question, if the device at the slave address does not ACK (produce an active low bit at the ack position of the bus protocol) , then no data will be sent over the link with the Wire.write() commands. I verified this using an oscilloscope and manually stepping through all of the addresses on the bus until I found my target device (which was a digital potentiometer).

    I believe I have all the information I require, so moderators you may now close this thread.

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