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Thread: ILI9163C 128x160 display driver

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    ILI9163C 128x160 display driver

    I am trying to get an ILI9163C 128x160 display working, I am using the TFT_ILI9163C.h libary and Teensy 3.1. I am currently using the example code, but getting a random colour border at the top of the display (See picture). I have tried to change the lib header for a 128x160 but still getting the problem, can any one advise what driver and settings they used for this display?
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    Warning I don't have any of these displays...

    This is another Sumotoy library... (Looks like not updated for T4....)

    Which display is this one? Example are you sure it is an ILI9163 and not an ST7789? At least some of the displays show both chips in their description, which I never know if the chips are compatible or which one you get may change from order to order...

    But assuming right display. I believe you need to go into where the library is installed and update the setting file:
    Assuming you are using the one installed with Teensyduino... It is in (Where your Arduino is installed)\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\TFT_ILI91 63C\_settings\TFT_ILI9163C_settings.h
    Assuming I typed correctly...

    In here you have to choose which display you have. Unfortunately there is no option for the 160x128 display available...

    I do see an outstanding Pull Request against SumoToys library:
    Which like it adds at least one display of this size...

    BUT, there have not been any changes to the library since about May 2016...

    Again another case of maybe needing to find new homes for some of these libraries.

    EDIT: Also since many of the listing for the displays mention both ILI9163C and ST7735, you might try our new update ST7735_t3 library and see if it works for you?

    That is try one of the examples and maybe chose the black tab...
    // Use this initializer if you're using a 1.8" TFT 128x160 displays
    And see what it does...
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