Hey everyone,

I've been trying to build a project using the Teensy 3.6 and the audio shield, but I'm having issues with the SD Card. I've only connected the audio shield to the board, and I've been running the SdCardTest example code in the hardware testing folder. When the SD Card is in the audio shield, it is unable to be accessed. Doing a connectivity test on the audio shield pins to the Teensy board pins shows that the shield is properly connected to the board. Having the SD Card in the board allows it to be accessed and it passes the SdCardTest code perfectly. However, once I try to run the Part_1_03_Playing_Music code, there is no audio output from the headphone jack on the audio shield. I've tried 3 different audio shields with 3 different boards, multiple different headphones, multiple different SD cards,multiple different USB cables, and multiple different computers, and the exact same issue happens no matter what. I'm running Arduino 1.8.9 and my Teensy Loader version is 1.47 (both downloaded today). Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.